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Review of the strategic business plan of a start-up airline.

Strategic planning workshop for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.



Development of the strategic business plan of Rushmore University.



Direction of strategic planning seminars for the Business Administration program of the AVT Institute of Executive Education in Denmark.



Critique of the strategic business plan for the broadband subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company.



Development of strategy and financial projections for Brandsley A/S, an Internet-based factory outlet store with outlets in Denmark and Sweden.



Development of the strategic business plan for Cistera Networks.



Development of the business plan for AVL Information Systems, a pioneer in automatic vehicle location systems for vehicle fleets.



Development of a comprehensive business plan for Voice Strategies. Founded in 1987, Voice Strategies is the oldest supplier of voice verification systems for security access control.



Preparation of a prospectus for the Commercial Training Division (CTD) of Broadway and Seymour, a $130 million information services company. CTD is a small ($3 million) operation that provides computer systems training and course development for large corporate clients.



Preparation of a strategic business plan for a $10 million manufacturer of test equipment. The plan identified a strong product line, but highlighted the need for improvements in both domestic and international marketing.



Vice President, Corporate Development, Storage Technology, Boulder, Colorado. Pioneered strategic business planning at Storage Technology, a $1.2 billion manufacturer of computer tape, disk and optical storage systems, high-speed printers and data communications equipment. Revenues quadrupled over this five-year period.



Professor Adjoint, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado. Taught the capstone course in Strategic Business Planning in the College of Business Administration, receiving an award for outstanding service to the University.



Manager, Strategic Planning, General Electric, Brussels, Belgium. Developed the Strategic Business Plan for the operations of General Electric in Europe and the Middle East. Total revenues for the company's 50 diverse business units in the region were $2 billion.



Manager, Strategic Planning, General Electric, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Developed the Strategic Business Plan for the $800 million Aerospace Business Group.


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