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Lee Hargrave has over 25 years of international business experience, including six years of residency in Western Europe. In addition to his native language (English), he has skills in both French and German.



Visiting Professor
AVT Institute of Executive Education
Copenhagen, Denmark



Development of strategy and financial projections for Brandsley A/S, an Internet-based factory outlet store with outlets in Denmark and Sweden.



Assistance to Bertelsmann-Imonics GmbH in their start-up in the German market. Bertlesmann-Imonics was a joint venture between the German conglomerate, Bertelsmann, and Imonics, a U.S. software developer.



Direction of international market development for a $10 million U.S. manufacturer of test equipment. This study highlighted international market penetration as a priority for the client, since only five percent of its sales were derived from outside of NAFTA.



President and Chief Executive Officer, CASI-RUSCO, Boca Raton, Florida, a $25 million manufacturer of computer-based access control systems. We achieved a substantial portion of the company's growth in revenues by building a network of international distributors from scratch to premier representatives in over 20 countries. Today, CASI-RUSCO is the second-largest company in its worldwide market.



Chief Operating Officer, Computer Automation, Irvine, California, a $60 million manufacturer of minicomputers and automatic test equipment. One of our major manufacturing plants was situated in Ireland, from which we served the European Community.



Vice President, Corporate Development, Storage Technology, Boulder, Colorado, a $1.2 billion manufacturer of computer tape, disk and optical storage systems, high-speed printers and data communications equipment. Led the effort to divest redundant manufacturing operations in Puerto Rico.



Manager, Strategic Planning, General Electric, Brussels, Belgium. Developed the Strategic Business Plan for the operations of General Electric in Europe and the Middle East. Total revenues for the company's 50 diverse business units in the region were $2 billion.



Manager, Strategic Planning, General Electric, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Developed the international strategic plans for the $800 million Aerospace Business Group.



Consortium Manager, General Electric, Munich, Germany. Led an international consortium in partnership with Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm GmbH in winning a $50 million contract over entrenched European competition.


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