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Plan for Profitability!  has been awarded five stars by reviewers at A reader from Colorado writes that it "is an excellent investment for small business owners without any exposure to business planning, entrepreneurs seeking venture capital to start up new businesses, managers in corporate settings, and anyone else who wants to learn how to write a strategic plan."








Lee Hargrave

About Lee Hargrave

My name is Lee Hargrave and I specialize in Strategic Business Planning.

My representative client is a start-up or developing-stage company that needs a Strategic Business Plan ... or has the essentials of one and needs expert improvement and presentation. Frequently, the client is considering additional capital investment and needs to package its business case to stimulate interest from potential investors. I also conduct seminars and workshops in Strategic Business Planning.


Over my career of 50+ years, I have been an executive, engineer, author and educator.  My credentials are diverse and encompass general management, strategic business planning, international operations, acquisitions, divestitures, start-ups and turnarounds.


I am recognized as an authority on Strategic Business Planning.  I have written over 100 Strategic Business Plans, ranging from start-ups to companies with over $1 billion in revenues.  For more than 20 years, I have dedicated myself to assisting developing companies to realize their full potential and to educating aspiring executives in the skills of Strategic Business Planning. I am also the author of the acclaimed book, Plan for Profitability! How to Write a Strategic Business Plan. This book has been unanimously awarded five stars by reviewers at One reviewer refers to it as "the Bible on Strategic Plans."Recently, I have scaled back my consulting activities and may be described as "semi-retired." However, if you presently have a Strategic Business Plan for your business, send it to me and I will review it and offer suggestions for improvement.







Over 50 years of accomplishments with diverse companies.


Credentials in general management, strategic business planning, international business, acquisitions, divestitures, start-ups and turnarounds.

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